The China Intelligent Transportation Association was established in 2008, led by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Peoples Republic of China, and jointly initiated by the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, China Railway Corporation and other transportation industry regulatory departments. It is a national and industry non-profit social organization with legal personality registered and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and is the only national level social organization representing Chinas intelligent transportation industry and facing the world.

After its establishment, the association is committed to building bridges between government agencies and enterprises, and conducting cross industry cooperation driven by the market and guided by enterprises, aiming to:

▶ Integrate R&D resources and professional knowledge within the industry, promote the development and innovation of intelligent transportation system technology, and accelerate the digitalization, networking, and intelligence process in the transportation field;

▶ Promote the transfer and promotion of intelligent transportation technology between industry, academia, and research, as well as between enterprises;

▶ Engage in international cooperation with major national intelligent transportation organizations to exchange and share knowledge, technology, successful cases, and business cooperation opportunities in the field of intelligent transportation.






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